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Cattle welfare
Dried manure solids as a bedding material for dairy cows
  1. Roger Blowey1,
  2. Jenny Wookey1,
  3. Leanne Russell1 and
  4. Rob Goss2
  1. 1Wood Vet Group, 125 Bristol Road, Gloucester GL2 4NB
  2. 2Synergy Farm Health, West Hill, Barns, Evershot, Dorset DT2 0LD

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WE would like to support the concerns of Martin Green and others (VR, June 29, 2013, vol 172, pp 690-691) over the use of dried manure solids (DMS) as bedding for dairy cows. There are many studies that have shown a correlation between bacterial populations in bedding or at the teat end in relation to mastitis, and it is well accepted that ‘clean’ bedding is important for dairy cows in terms of mastitis control (Rendos and others 1975, Bramley 1981, Sumner and Francis 1989, Kristula and others 2007). The risk of mastitis from deep straw beds was, of …

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