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EFRACom criticised for proposal to limit ban on the use of wild animals in circuses

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THE BVA is among a number of organisations to have criticised the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRACom) for recommending that Government proposals for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses should initially be limited to big cats and elephants only.

The recommendation was made in a report from the EFRACom on July 9 following its prelegislative scrutiny of the draft Wild Animals in Circuses Bill, which would introduce a ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses. In a statement issued the same day, the BVA, the Born Free Foundation and the Captive Animals Protection Society pointed out that, given that there are no longer any elephants or big cats in English circuses, any ban introduced on the use of such animals would be ‘absolutely meaningless’ and fail to protect any other wild animals that are still being used.

Launching the report, Anne McIntosh, chair of the EFRACom, said: ‘The committee agrees with the Government that the days when it was appropriate to have animals like lions or elephants travelling with circuses are long past, but the ban proposed in draft legislation goes too far in restricting the type of animals which travelling circuses might use.

‘We believe …

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