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History of the BVA
Punching Above Their Weight: The British Veterinary Association 1882-2010
  1. Bruce Vivash Jones

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Edward Boden
372 pages, hardback £60; paperback £30.
Winchester University Press. 2013.
ISBN 9781906113100 (hardback); 9781906113087 (paperback)

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FOR the past 130 years the BVA has worked not only to advance the profession, but also to right wrongs and to (almost constantly) fight against what has often seemed to be the dead, or at best obstructive, hand of government.

It is a good story, but not an easy or straightforward one to tell. Such a history inevitably embraces a mixed bag of characters and a curate's egg of events, but the core topic is the Association's work in representing its members in negotiations (or struggles in some cases), mostly with various branches of government, often spread over years with a succession of ministers.

The author has to be congratulated for undertaking the monumental task of reading the almost endless exchanges …

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