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Veterinary workforce
Job prospects for new graduates ‘not as gloomy as predicted’

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DESPITE increasing numbers of veterinary graduates, almost all new vets find employment within six months of starting to look for work.

This was among the findings of an online survey conducted on behalf of the RCVS by the Institute for Employment Studies. The survey asked veterinary surgeons who had graduated from the UK's veterinary schools in the past five years how long it took them to find work, how long they stayed in their first jobs and why they moved on.

The RCVS reports that, of the 1354 veterinary surgeons responding, 94 per cent had found a role in clinical practice within six months of starting to seek employment. This was despite the number of new UK veterinary graduates increasing from 650 in 2007 to 819 in 2012. The actual figures for those achieving employment within six months ranged from a high of 96 per cent in 2008 to a low of 92 per cent in 2010, but, it says, the change was not significant over the five years under consideration.

‘After the announcement from the University of Surrey that it will be opening a new vet school in the near future, there was a great …

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