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Contracts of employment
  1. Peter Jinman and
  2. Paul Beevers


Former BVA president, Peter Jinman, and Paul Beevers, who heads the BVA's legal service, will discuss ‘Help! What should and shouldn't be in my contract?’, at the BVA Careers Fair on Thursday, November 21, as part of the London Vet Show.

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The presentation will aim to help both the employee and the employer. It is not a law lesson, but an attempt in 50 minutes to cover the main problems encountered by both parties making a contract of employment. Do you even need a contract? The speakers will take the attendees through the need for, and some of the key components of, a contract of employment, and discuss the role and the rights of each party and what happens when things go wrong.

Documentation, disciplinary procedures, maternity rights, time off work, annual leave, working time, sickness, provision of child care, etc, will all be covered.

This whistle-stop tour is based on the combination of many years in business and the experiences of the BVA Legal Help Line. As Peter says: ‘For my part, I will be trying to stop the lawyer in Paul getting too complicated’ – to which Paul's response is: ‘Sorry, but sometimes it is not as simple as you might want it to be!’

All being well, there will be time for questions at the end and both speakers will be around after the session to provide further guidance.

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