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Bovine TB
Call for more veterinary involvement in badger vaccination projects

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VETERINARY involvement in badger vaccination projects is key, according to Gordon McGlone, former chief executive of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Dr McGlone was speaking at a meeting on the role of vaccination in the control of bovine TB, held by the Zoological Society of London on October 3.

Five Wildlife Trusts, including Gloucestershire, are already vaccinating badgers on their nature reserves and some private land, and another seven are preparing to vaccinate. Dr McGlone said that they had found that involving AHVLA vets and local private vets had helped not only with the logistics, but also in promoting the schemes to farmers, as the vets were seen as a trusted source of information by their farm clients.

As badger vaccination was still in the early stages, it was vital to generate as  much …

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