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Zinc gluconate injection as a potential contraceptive for male cats

E. C. S. Oliveira, A. K. F. Fagundes, C. C. S. Melo, L. T. B. Nery, R. G. Rêvoredo, T. F. G. Andrade, K. Oliveira-Esquerre, J. P. Kastelic, V. A. Silva

IT has been reported that a zinc gluconate preparation can be used to permanently sterilise male dogs. This study aimed to investigate the potential of a single, intratesticular injection of zinc gluconate as a contraceptive method for cats.

Sixteen intact male domestic cats were randomly allocated to a control or treatment group. The cats were anaesthetised and the five cats allocated to the control group were given a single injection into each testis of isotonic saline solution, while the 11 cats in the treatment group were injected with zinc gluconate. Semen was collected and libido assessed for all cats just before treatment, 60 days after treatment and 120 days after treatment.

Following treatment, testicular swelling was reported in all cats in the treatment group, but in none of the control group. However, there was no apparent pain or discomfort in all but one cat that showed some signs of pain immediately following treatment …

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