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Management of traumatic corneal laceration injuries in cats and dogs

M. E. Paulson, P. H. Kass

TRAUMATIC corneal laceration with associated lens capsule disruption is a common eye injury seen in small animal ophthalmology practice. The aims of this study were to describe the features, management and prognosis of traumatic perforating corneal laceration with associated lens capsule disruption in cats and dogs, and to assess the success of different treatment options.

The medical records of 77 patients (10 cats and 67 dogs) treated surgically and/or medically at an eye clinic in the USA were evaluated retrospectively. A successful outcome was defined as functional vision in the treated eye. Patients with acute injuries (n = 47) were divided into three treatment groups for comparison: A, corneal repair/lens removal (n = 15); B, corneal repair/no lens removal (n = 9); and C, medical management (n = 23).

The condition resulted in 36 of 72 patients being blinded in the eye. There was a significantly greater rate of vision loss in groups A and B compared to group C. Patients in groups A and B were also three to four-and-a-half times more likely to have vision-threatening complications than those in group C. The …

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