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Dangerous Dogs
Government proposals on dog control ‘woefully inadequate’

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‘CURRENT dangerous dogs laws have comprehensively failed to tackle irresponsible dog ownership and Defra's current, belated proposals are woefully inadequate. Ministers’ inability to provide us with detailed answers on a range of dog control and welfare questions has done little to reassure us about the priority the Government gives to these issues.’

So says the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRACom) in a report of a recent inquiry into dog control and welfare. The committee of MPs began its inquiry covering both dangerous dog issues and welfare concerns linked to breeding in April 2012, the same month that Defra launched a consultation on proposals for tackling irresponsible dog ownership (VR, April 28, 2012, vol 170, pp 424, 425-426). Its report was published on February 15, a few days after the Government set out its plans for a package of measures to encourage responsible dog ownership (VR, February 16, 2013, vol 172, p 170).

The EFRACom suggests that the Government's ‘simplistic’ approach to dog-related issues ignores the real cause of antisocial behaviour related to dogs. It describes Home Office proposals for a set of antisocial behaviour prevention measures to help deal with the problem as a …

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