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A. J. Madel

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IN a further tribute to Andrew James Madel (VR, February 2, 2013, vol 172, pp 133-134), Michael Mimms, Richard Jackson, Neil Newton and John Head write: We first met Andrew Madel some 35 years ago when we worked together as veterinary surgeons at the annual Royal Smithfield Agricultural Show in Earls Court Arena, London. Andrew was the sheep vet, working in the bowels of the stadium, inspecting the stock before the show for health and age. Having passed their examination, the sheep were then allowed to be moved to the holding pens on the first floor of the building for the duration of the event.

His skill with both the sheep and shepherds was always at the forefront and any disputes that might have arisen were dealt with in a kind but firm manner. A twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face …

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