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Twentieth century veterinary lives

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Twentieth-Century Veterinary Lives Bruce Vivash Jones. 277 pages, hardback, £25. Published by Granville Penn Press, 2012. ISBN 978 0 9566200 1 9

The Veterinary History Society has published a book celebrating the lives and work of members of the profession in the last century. Entitled, ‘Twentieth-Century Veterinary Lives’, the book presents the history of the British veterinary profession from 1900-2000, and identifies those individuals who made notable contributions to veterinary life, as well as to society. Set out alphabetically, the book begins with W. Horner Andrews (1887-1953) and ends with John George Wright (1897-1971). Other names include the leaders of the profession such as Sir John MacFadyean and W. R. Wooldridge; Miss Aileen Cust, the first woman member of the profession and Dame Olga Uvarov, the first woman to become RCVS president; as well as personalities such as J. A. Wight (James Herriot) and J. Boyd Dunlop (of pneumatic tyre fame).

The author, Bruce Vivash Jones, describes how their lives reflect the changing environment and evolution of British veterinary medicine. ‘They illustrate the great age of urban equine practice and its decline, then compensated by the growth of canine and feline work. The struggle for control of livestock communicable disease, introduction of public heatlh measures and preventive medicine on the farm is told, as also is the entry and early experiences of women in the profession.’

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