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Cardiopulmonary self-assessment
  1. Malcolm A. Cobb

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Self-Assessment Color Review. Small Animal Cardiopulmonary Medicine Wendy A. Ware 288 pages, paperback, £24.95. Manson Publishing. 2012. ISBN 978 1 84076 164 1

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THIS book presents 219 examples of cardiac and lower respiratory tract disease cases in the now familiar self-assessment format, with the case presentation and questions on one page and the answers presented overleaf. There is comprehensive coverage of cardiorespiratory conditions through a mixture of cases, with some rare and exotic cases alongside examples of many common conditions. The cases are well illustrated with clinical and surgical images, electrocardiograms, radiographs (including angiograms), CT scans, echocardiographic and endoscopic images, as well as cytological samples.

Apart from the cases presented, the other material presented in the book makes it a useful reference text; for example, there is a comprehensive table of drugs used for the treatment of cardiac and respiratory diseases. Although the cases did not include references, one thing I found particularly useful was the listed further reading. This is divided into sections and covers particular topics such as ‘cyanosis’ or ‘endocarditis’. There is an index, so the book can be searched for particular conditions or presentations; additionally, all the examples of particular conditions such as ‘acquired valve disease’ or ‘pleural space abnormalities’ are identified by case number, so the reader can review all the cases of a particular disease condition.

The book will be particularly useful for veterinary students in the clinical years of the course and for students studying for postgraduate qualifications. One big plus of these self-assessment books is the way the material is delivered – they can be picked up to review cases if there are a few quiet moments during the day. However, I found the book to be addictive; once I had been through a case, I was keen to see what was next! The nature of the book does mean it would be useful for anyone in practice who is keen to get up to date with small animal cardiopulmonary medicine in their own time, in a relaxed and informal way and at a very reasonable price.

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