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Bovine TB
Consultation generates range of ideas for tackling bovine TB

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STRONG support for improving TB testing emerged during a consultation exercise organised by the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England (AHWBE) last year, according to the board's summary of the responses received.

In September, the AHWBE called for farmers, vets and other interested parties to contribute their views on the current management of bovine TB in England and to put forward ideas for new approaches to tackling the disease and for new ways of working (VR, September 15, 2012, vol 171, pp 256, 258). The aim was to ‘establish a dialogue with affected and interested stakeholders on several strategic issues’ in the hope of creating ‘more shared ownership in looking a some difficult issues, particularly relating to the effectiveness of the current way of doing things and budget pressures’. Responses were gathered in writing and from four open regional workshops, as well as a five-week online survey hosted by Farmers Weekly. A summary of the responses was published on the AHWBE's website last week, at

Michael Seals, chair of the AHWBE, said he had been impressed by the quality of ideas and the …

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