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Approaches to surveillance
  1. Richard J. Sibley1 and
  2. Peter G. Orpin2
  1. 1West Ridge Veterinary Practice, 8 Chapple Road, Witheridge, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8AS
  2. 2Park Veterinary Group, 82-84 High Street, Whetstone, Leicestershire LE8 6LQ
  1. e-mail: dicksibley{at}

Statistics from

FURTHER to the recent reports in Veterinary Record regarding surveillance and the AHVLA review (eg, VR, December 22/29, 2012, vol 171, p 634-635), we were somewhat taken aback by the comments suggesting that the impact of Schmallenberg virus (SBV) was low.

In our practices, we have seen increased evidence of early and late embryo loss, reduced fertility and significant milk drops within dairy herds. Use of data analysis programmes of a wide range of fertility and yield parameters revealed distinct dips in the 18-to-24 day return rates, with a corresponding rise in services greater than 50 days. Milk drop in proportion of cows beyond 150 days has resulted in a permanent reduction in milk yield, significantly impacting on overall herd performance. Indeed many …

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