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Bovine TB
EFRACom calls for a TB strategy that ‘jumps ahead of infection’

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‘FOR too long the Government's strategy for dealing with bovine TB has been reactive and followed the spread of infection. The increase in cases of bovine TB in cattle demonstrates that the Government needs a strategy that will jump ahead of infection. Cattle vaccination is a tool that may allow it to do that in the future, but for now increased biosecurity and rigorous movement controls are vital.’

So says the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRACom) in a report of an inquiry into the role that vaccination could play in tackling bovine TB. Launching the committee's report on June 5, its chair, Anne McIntosh, commented: ‘The Government is right to invest millions of pounds in developing vaccines against bovine TB. We should use every tool to combat this disease, but vaccination alone will not, at least in the short term, provide a complete solution. Vaccines have no impact on already infected animals, offer a range of protection to those that aren't infected, and will be expensive to deploy.’

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