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Animal welfare
Proposed ban on wild animals in circuses
  1. David Williams
  1. Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge,
    Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0ES
  1. e-mail: dlw33{at}

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AS a member of both the British Veterinary Zoological Society and the Ethics and Welfare Group of the BVA, I am saddened to see somewhat of a difference of opinion between the two groups as shown in recent letters to Veterinary Record by M. G. I. Brash and Peter W. Scott (VR, May 4, 2013, vol 172, p 479). I have no doubt that we are all joined in wanting optimal welfare for wild animals in captivity but clearly we have some considerable disagreement in how this may best be achieved with regard to animals in travelling circuses. Peter Scott clearly has considerable experience in this field given his involvement in the scientific review of animal welfare in British circuses, as commissioned by the previous government, a report that …

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