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  1. Peter Harlech Jones
  1. President, BVA, 7 Mansfield Street, London W1G 9NQ

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We appreciate the opportunity to respond to the letter from Mr Jones and others on bovine TB policy and the BVA's policy-making process.

We share the concerns of the authors regarding the humaneness of the cull and the welfare of any badgers that may be wounded but not killed. In fact, they are the very concerns that the BVA has raised through our many consultation responses and in meetings with the ministers and civil servants who have been drawing up the policy.

From the earliest stages we called for an independent expert group to assess the humaneness and could not have supported the pilots had this not been forthcoming. Defra took note of this request and established the Independent Expert Panel, initially chaired by Professor Christopher Wathes and now chaired by Professor Ranald Munro. The panel comprises experts …

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