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Anaesthesia handbook
  1. Carl A. Bradbrook

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Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia, 5th edn
William W. Muir III,
John A. E. Hubbell,
Richard M. Bednarski and Phillip Lerche
656 pages, paperback, £56.99.
Mosby Elsevier. 2012.
ISBN 978 0 32308 069 9

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IF you like lists and lots of them, you will find this new edition of the ‘Handbook of Veterinary Anaesthesia’ a useful text. It is a comprehensive reference guide to virtually everything ‘anaesthesia’, with short chapters that allow the reader to locate the required information. The authors have covered a large amount of the peri-operative period in the handbook's 30 chapters, providing an overview of all aspects of anaesthesia and analgesia of many species.

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