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Introductory text for equine vets
  1. Rob Pilsworth

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Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction, 2nd edn
Edited by Tim Mair, Sandy
Love, Jim Schumacher,
Roger Smith and
Grant Frazer
624 pages,
Saunders Elsevier. 2012.
ISBN 978 0 70202 801 4

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RATHER unbelievably, it has been over 10 years since the first edition of this extremely popular ‘one-stop shop’ textbook on surgery and medicine in the horse was first published. This new edition, as well as incorporating an extensive revision of the original text, incorporates new chapters on wound management, critical care, anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging. Rather poignantly, the book includes what will be the final contributions of some sorely missed clinicians, including Barry Edwards, Martin Weaver and Grant Frazer, who all died subsequent to submitting their final texts. Their contributions to the book are a fitting tribute to their outstanding contributions to equine veterinary medicine and surgery in general.

The editorial team comprises five well-respected clinicians drawn from both practice and academia, but there are 35 individual contributors to the book, all internationally renowned experts in their field. The book is well illustrated throughout and the reproduction of the colour images is outstanding. Some chapters lend …

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