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British Veterinary Association

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Officers of the BVA

President: Mr P. G. Harlech Jones

Past-President: Mr C. Padgett

President-Elect: Mr R. Hargreaves


7 Mansfield Street,

London W1G 9NQ

Telephone 020 7636 6541

Fax 020 7908 6349

e-mail: bvahq{at}


Officers' diary

The BVA officer team's activities in the week ending May 5 included:

  • The president-elect attended a meeting of the BVA/KC Canine Health Schemes Eye Panel Working Party.

  • The past-president took part in an Animal Welfare Foundation grants committee teleconference.

  • The past-president attended a meeting of the TB Eradication Advisory Group for England.

  • The president-elect attended a meeting of the Kennel Club's Dog Health Group to discuss the quality control of vet checks at shows and the Breed Watch scheme.

  • The President was a guest at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) Fellows' dinner.

  • The past-president gave a presentation on bovine TB to clients of a veterinary practice in Cheshire.

  • A joint officers meeting with the RCVS. Topics discussed included the parliamentary intern for Lord Trees; evidence-based veterinary medicine; the First-Rate Regulator initiative; Federation of Veterinarians of Europe matters; the Practice Standards Scheme; disciplinary sanctions; the RCVS's policy on recognised veterinary practice and the impact on animal test certificates; and scanning.

  • The officers met RVC representatives to discuss a potential foundation degree for veterinary paraprofessionals.

  • The President was a guest at the annual National Office of Animal Health dinner.

  • The past-president participated in an RCVS Legislation Working Party teleconference to discuss the RCVS Charter functions and regulation of veterinary nurses.

  • The president-elect chaired a meeting of the BVA's Dalrymple-Champneys Cup and Medal Committee and the Harry Steele-Bodger Memorial Scholarship Fund Trustees to select this year's winners.


May 13 (Mon)

North Wales Division Graduates meeting, Trevor Pritchard's practice, Colomendy Industrial Estate, Denbigh, 19.30.

May 15 (Wed)

Central Veterinary Society Meeting, The Farmers Club, London, 19.00.

May 16 (Thurs)

Lincolnshire Division Meeting, The Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark, 19.30.

May 16 (Thurs)

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Veterinary Society Meeting, Novotel Hotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage, 19.30.

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