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Bovine TB
Control of bovine TB: report puts risk-based trading on the agenda

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‘RISK-BASED trading can make a real contribution to the aim of reducing TB and help all farmers take more control over the TB risk that the purchasing of animals poses to their herds.’

So says the Bovine TB Risk-Based Trading Group, an industry-led group which was set up by Defra in July last year and asked to develop some voluntary measures for risk-based trading to help reduce the risk of spread of bovine TB.

In a report published last week, Bill Reilly, the group's chairman, explains that risk-based trading aims to provide farmers with a more accurate assessment of the TB risk level of the cattle that they are buying as well as the background risk level of their own herd. ‘Risk-based trading should encourage farmers to consider the relative disease risk of animals that they are buying, empower them to make better informed cattle trading decisions, and take greater responsibility for managing the TB risk of their herd as …

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