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BSAVA Congress
Standardising approaches to nutrition and pain in companion animals

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(left) Marge Chandler and (right) Sheilah Robertson, who described the work of the WSAVA's Global Nutrition Committee and Global Pain Council during the BSAVA congress

Photographs: S. Burden/BSAVA

THE World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) took the opportunity provided by the BSAVA congress in Birmingham this month to highlight progress it had made with two key initiatives.

The WSAVA's Global Nutrition Committee (GNC) was created in 2010 and aims to have a nutritional assessment confirmed as the fifth vital assessment in a standard physical examination (after temperature, pulse, respiration and pain), and for the veterinary team to provide nutritional recommendations for each individual animal as an integral component of patient care. It has already created a set of nutrition guidelines, which were launched in 2011 and have since been endorsed by 19 veterinary organisations in 16 countries. The guidelines aim to help vets and pet owners ensure that pets are fed according to an optimal and individually tailored nutrition plan.

At the WSAVA's world congress in New Zealand in March, the GNC launched a ‘nutrition …

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