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BSAVA congress
Getting to grips with clinical governance

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‘CLINICAL governance is core to being a professional. It's all about giving good client care, but also about achieving good clinical outcomes.’

So said Bradley Viner, the RCVS treasurer, introducing an interactive session organised by the College during this year's BSAVA congress in Birmingham. Entitled ‘Untangling clinical governance’, the session was intended to help congress delegates understand why governance was important to veterinary practice, why it did not need to be too onerous, and what benefits it might bring.

Dr Viner explained that, in the RCVS Codes of Conduct for vets and veterinary nurses that were launched in 2012, there was a considerable degree of compulsion on individuals to incorporate clinical governance into their professional activities. However, because the Codes governed individual behaviour, responsibility for clinical governance was currently an individual one, not a business responsibility. That said, clinical governance already formed part of the Practice Standards Scheme (PSS) for general practices and veterinary hospitals and, now that it formed …

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