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For the record: achievements of prominent vets
  1. Abigail L. Woods

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Twentieth Century Veterinary Lives
Bruce Vivash Jones.
278 pages, hardback, £27.60.
Granville Penn Press. 2012.
ISBN 978 0 9566200 1 9

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FOLLOWING the success of the excellent book, ‘A Victorian Veterinary Student's Diary’, the Granville Penn Press (an imprint of the Veterinary History Society) has released its second publication: ‘Twentieth Century Veterinary Lives’. Authored by Bruce Vivash Jones, a former president of the society, it is essentially a collection of veterinary biographies, enlivened by personal recollections. The overall aim is to place on record the achievements of prominent vets. Drawing on a range of obituary material and historical texts, it offers …

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