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BSAVA congress
BSAVA president warns of consequences of irresponsible use of antimicrobials

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VETERINARY surgeons are an ‘easy target’ in the debate on antimicrobial resistance and must, therefore, be seen to be acting responsibly on the use of antibiotics.

So said Mark Johnston, the outgoing president of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), in his speech to the association's annual general meeting in Birmingham on April 7.

Noting that the Chief Medical Officer had recently stated that resistance to antimicrobials represented a ‘catastrophic’ threat (VR, March 16, 2013, vol 172, p 276), he suggested that this had serious implications for the veterinary profession. A number of proposals had already been put forward at a European level to restrict veterinary prescribing of antimicrobials, and he encouraged the profession to adopt guidelines on responsible antimicrobial use. If it failed to do so, he warned: ‘We will lose the right to sell or be heavily restricted on what we can prescribe and I believe this will have a deleterious effect on animal …

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