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Cattle Lameness
Lameness in heifers associated with selenium and copper deficiencies
  1. Peter Edmondson
  1. Shepton Veterinary Group, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5QH,

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I WISH to alert practitioners to an unusual presentation of acute lameness in a group of heifers in which selenium and copper deficiency was detected, and would be interested in hearing about similar cases and any investigations carried out.

Seven of a group of 22, 20-month-old organically reared in-calf heifers presented with sudden onset hindleg lameness and ataxia in early November 2012. The animals had been grazing wet grassland on the Somerset Levels since May, with no supplementary feed or treatments since then. The Somerset Levels have high soil molybdenum.

Affected animals stood with hindlegs tucked under the abdomen (Fig 1). They had a shortened hindlimb gait (less flexion of the joints) resulting in a shuffling type walk.

Apart from …

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