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Chemical sterilisation of males cats appears safe and effective

E. C. S. Oliveira, A. K. F. Fagundes, C. C. S. Melo, L. T. B. Nery, R. G. Rêvoredo, T. F. G. Anrades and others

IT HAS been reported that a commercial zinc gluconate preparation disrupts spermatogenesis and apparently causes permanent sterilisation in male dogs, but there is little information regarding chemical sterilisation in male cats. The objective of this study was to evaluate zinc gluconate as a permanent contraceptive for domestic male cats.

Sexually mature, mixed breed cats were allocated at random into control (n = 5) and treatment (n = 11) groups, and, under anaesthesia, were given a single injection into each of the testis of either isotonic saline (control) or zinc gluconate (treatment). Clinical and reproductive parameters were assessed immediately before injection and after 60 days and 120 days.

In both groups, haemotology and clinical chemistry were consistently within the reference ranges for domestic cats. On day 60, 10 of 11 cats in the treatment group were azoospermic and the remaining cat had reductions in both sperm count and sperm motility. At 120 days after injection, the ejaculates of eight cats were azoospermic, one had necrospermia and the remaining two …

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