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Cattle lameness
Bone density changes in bovine toe necrosis
  1. Owen Atkinson and
  2. Tom Wright
  1. Lambert, Leonard and May Farm Vets, Woodhouses, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 4AQ

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WE were interested to read the recent letter on bone density changes in bovine toe necrosis by Blowey and others (VR, February 9, 2013, vol 172, pp 164-165). Toe necrosis does indeed appear to be a disease of increasing prevalence and a better understanding of the aetiology might help us devise the appropriate strategies to help farmers reduce the risk of new cases. The apparent link with bovine digital dermatitis treponemes and the resultant osteomyelitis and osteoporosis pathology are important observations.

Some workers have previously suggested that exposed corium at the toe (toe ulcers, either through over wear or excess trimming) might be the most obvious route of …

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