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Dog health
Acute kidney injury in dogs
  1. David Walker and
  2. Lucy McMahon
  1. Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, Bunstead Barns, Poles Lane, Hursley, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 2LL
  1. e-mail: david{at}

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OVER the past two months we have seen an increased number of dogs presenting with severe acute kidney injury (seven recent cases).

Interestingly, almost all of these dogs have come from Fordingbridge in Hampshire; however, others have originated from elsewhere in Hampshire and Dorset. The interesting feature is that the dogs have initially been presented to their primary veterinary practices with a lesion or lesions on the distal limb and/or face. Symptomatic therapy has been given but the dogs have subsequently been found to develop azotaemia due to acute kidney injury a few days later. The underlying aetiology is as yet unknown, although a nephrotoxin is suspected. We are working hard to explain this worrying cluster of cases and we would welcome communication from colleagues with suspected cases.

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