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Don't forget the science
  1. Duncan Maskell1,
  2. David Argyle2,
  3. Ewan Cameron3,
  4. Gary England4,
  5. Jo Price5,
  6. Mike Herrtage6,
  7. Stuart Reid7 and
  8. Susan Dawson8
  1. 1University of Cambridge
  2. 2University of Edinburgh
  3. 3University of Glasgow
  4. 4University of Nottingham
  5. 5University of Bristol
  6. 6University of Cambridge
  7. 7Royal Veterinary College
  8. 8University of Liverpool
  1. e-mail: gary.england{at}


Veterinary practice must be based on scientific principles if the profession is to remain credible and relevant, say Duncan Maskell, David Argyle, Ewan Cameron, Gary England, Jo Price, Mike Herrtage, Stuart Reid and Susan Dawson

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