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Clinical rabies in cattle imported into Croatia
  1. Ivana Lojkić,
  2. Tomislav Bedeković,
  3. Željko Čač,
  4. Nina Lemo and
  5. Željko Cvetnić
  1. Department of Virology
  2. Department of Immunology, Croatian Veterinary Institute, Savska Cesta 143, Zagreb, Croatia
  1. e-mail: ilojkic{at}

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RABIES is a fatal zoonosis caused by the rabies virus (RABV) or rabies-related viruses (genus Lyssavirus) and transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal (Dietzgen and others 2011). RABV has been eliminated from most of western and central Europe, but geographically associated classification of European RABVs to four main phylogenetic groups (Bourhy and others 1999) is still useful in inferring their phylogeny.

In Croatia, rabies has been endemic since 1977, with the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) as the main disease reservoir. Although the disease is mostly perpetuated within the fox population, foxes occasionally transmit it to other wild and domestic species. In a previous study (Lojkić and others 2012), we demonstrated that only RABV strains from the eastern European (EE) group and the western European (WE) group are present in Croatia. Currently, a nationwide oral vaccination programme, which started in 2011 with financial help from the EU, is undertaken twice a year.

Here, we report cases of clinical rabies on a beef …

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