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BVA Congress will examine the profession's changing role in relation to animal and human health, as well as factors affecting the health of the profession itself.

Congress highlights

Delivering a healthy future from the inside out

Vets play a vital role in delivering Government policies, but what role do they have in shaping them? The Congress opening address will be given by Lord Trees of The Ross in Perth and Kinross who, as only the second veterinary surgeon to be ennobled, will outline the view from inside Parliament and discuss the importance of science in public policy

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Wooldridge Memorial Lecture

The theme of this year's lecture is Interests in common: the veterinary contribution to public health. In his lecture, Professor David L Heymann, Head and Senior Fellow, Centre on Global Health Security, will discuss the veterinary profession's vital contribution to public health and how it can be developed further.

Outstanding small animal clinical CPD programme

The two-day clinical programme, highly relevant to everyday practice, will deliver 11 hours of outstanding small animal CPD. The programme, provided by the University of Liverpool, will consist of a series of sessions under the theme ‘recent advances in…’ with a wide range of topics covered, including:

  • Management of elbow dysplasia and cruciate rupture

  • Responsible use of medicines

  • How to get the best out of your ultrasound machine for suspected cardiac disease

  • Management of common tumours

  • Management of the collapsing patient

  • Management of …

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