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AHVLA unveils proposals for the future of scanning surveillance

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THE AHVLA is inviting comments from vets, farmers and others interested in preventing animal disease on its proposals for improving the system of veterinary scanning surveillance in England and Wales.

The proposals are based on recommendations made by the independent Surveillance Advisory Group (SAG), chaired by Dirk Pfeiffer of the Royal Veterinary College. The group reported earlier this year and identified a number of ways in which it felt that the scanning surveillance system could be improved to deliver greater coverage geographically and across livestock sectors (see VR, April 21, 2012, vol 170, pp 402-403).

In a consultation document published on December 13, the AHVLA says it wants to improve the geographical coverage of the surveillance system to enable better early detection of threats, and to improve the surveillance network, to include private practitioners, other providers such as universities, and AHVLA facilities. It also wants to develop and maintain the skill levels of those working within the surveillance system, improve the future sustainability of the system and ensure that it remains affordable in the future.

The AHVLA explains that there are four main drivers for making changes to the surveillance system in England and Wales. …

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