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IN further tribute to Martin Paul Weaver (VR, November 3, 2012, vol 171, pp 451-452), Jane Eastwood writes: There are many people in life for whom the first meeting is not always fixed in one's memory. This was not the case with Martin Weaver, whom I first met 20 years ago on the stairs leading up to Michael Herrtage's office, at a time when both Martin and I thought that diagnostic imaging would hold all the answers. He was starting a residency in equine imaging with the enthusiasm and determination that he used to tackle most aspects of life, and the small animal side of diagnostic imaging was a diverting stepping stone for him. Ultimately, diagnostic imaging itself was a means to an end toward the world of equine surgery for Martin.

In Cambridge, it soon became apparent that Martin needed a lodger and I needed a landlord. Although …

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