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Practical guide to euthanasia
  1. James W. Yeates

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Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide Kathleen A. Cooney, Jolynn R. Chappell, Robert J. Callan, Bruce A. Connally 204 pages, paperback, £37.99 Wiley-Blackwell. 2012 ISBN 978 0 470 95918 3

‘VETERINARY Euthanasia Techniques’ is very much a practical guide for veterinary surgeons and technicians on what is a difficult decision to make – and to get right.

The book covers most species, with different sections for companion, exotic, farm and equine species (reflecting the authors' fields), although there is often repetition between these. The main exception is a complete omission of wild animal species. This may aid the book's international market, since countries' fauna differ (one country's …

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