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Picture atlas of small animal clinical signs
  1. Jennie McMullan

Statistics from

Clinical Signs in Small Animal Medicine Michael Schaer 288 pages, paperback, £34.95. Manson Publishing. 2012. ISBN 978 1 84076 169 6

AS far as my flatmate is concerned, there is nothing that cannot be identified using Google Images. Find a strange looking beetle in the kitchen? Google ‘kitchen bug’ and scroll through until you hit a match. Et voilà, we must have German cockroaches.

This may not be a technique you want to risk life and limb on, especially where your patients are concerned.

As a veterinary student, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the reams of information on the endless conditions affecting the cat and dog. When your head is buzzing with lists of bacteria, flowcharts of parasites and a thick book on the principles of pharmacology, it suddenly becomes much more difficult to …

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