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Dog Breeding
Working together to encourage responsible breeding and owning of dogs

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VETS should be working together with the Kennel Club and not casting it in the role of ‘villain’, according to Steve Dean, the club's chairman, speaking at a recent debate on irresponsible dog breeding and puppy farming.

The lunchtime debate on November 16 was the second to be organised by the BVA at the London Vet Show, with the first discussing the links between human and animal abuse (VR, December 8, 2012, vol 171, p 580).

During the breeding debate, much of the discussion focused on the ways in which vets could educate the public on the best ways to obtain a healthy pet. Professor Dean suggested that ‘there is a lot vets can do, but it is best done in tandem [with the Kennel Club] because we are already doing it’. This sentiment was shared by Robin Hargreaves, president-elect of BVA, who said that the BVA, breeders and the Kennel Club needed to work together and ‘start saying the same things, at the same time, about the same things’, having one voice on, for example, the issue of testing dogs for hereditary diseases. He added that, because ‘screening’ might imply …

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