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Comparative medicine
  1. Bob Michell

Statistics from

Zoobiquity. What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human Barbara Natterson Horowitz, and Kathryn Bowers 308 pages, paperback, £12.99 Virgin Books. 2012 ISBN 978 0 75 353983 5

SOUND a fanfare for this book, fascinating, fact-packed and fun. It is essentially about comparative medicine; those of us involved have learned that despite some medics being fascinated by animal diseases, most fail to see the relevance, as if humans evaded evolution. Remarkably, this extremely enjoyable and informative book is written by a medic – a recent and enthusiastic convert to comparative medicine. She wonders why doctors are oblivious to spontaneous (non-lab induced) disease in any species besides their own. One factor, she says, …

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