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Possible case of blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) toxicity

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A ONE-YEAR-OLD West Highland white terrier was presented with a one-day history of lethargy and progressive inability to stand and ambulate. Dyspnoea was an additional feature. The owner reported that the dog drank from a pond a short time before signs developed.

At presentation the dog was recumbent, depressed and dyspnoeic with marked abdominal effort. Mucous membranes were cyanosed and there was evidence of profuse salivation. Neurological examination revealed tetraplegia with reduced muscle tone, withdrawal and segmental spinal reflexes in all four limbs. Nociception was normal. Cranial nerve examination revealed decreased palpebral reflexes and menace responses.

Based on the clinical signs a neuromuscular disease or botulism …

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