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Bovine Health
Disease associated with immature paramphistome infection

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WE would like to report the recent diagnosis of clinical disease in young cattle in Great Britain associated with immature paramphistome (rumen fluke) infection.

Foster and colleagues (2008) reported the identification of Paramphistomum species infection in cattle on a number of farms in England and Wales, but a causal association between rumen fluke infection and clinical disease was not proven on any of these farms. Adult rumen fluke are generally well tolerated, although heavy infection with the immature flukes can result in clinical disease associated with the intestinal phase of the infection. In cattle, clinical disease is usually confined to youngstock, but sheep and goats are relatively susceptible throughout their lives (Taylor and others 2007). In December 2011, colleagues in Scotland identified an outbreak of clinical disease and mortality in adult sheep associated with immature …

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