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Delivering a healthy Royal College
  1. Nick Stace
  1. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Belgravia House, 62-64 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF
  1. E-mail: nick{at}

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I have been at the RCVS for just two months and have spent a lot of that time listening – to staff, to Council members, and to members of the veterinary team, as I have travelled around the country visiting practices, and responding to members’ e-mails.

It has been an immersive process and patterns and themes have quickly emerged. These have informed my initial programmes of activity, which I would like to outline here.

The words ‘evidence-based’ have cropped up a lot during these first two months, not least because the RCVS Charitable Trust hosted a successful symposium on this theme at the end of October. Gathering and analysing a sound evidence base before taking action is increasingly important in both human and veterinary medicine. But it's not a discipline that is restricted to the scientific realm. That's why I am about to take the College on a three-stage journey using similar principles: the first-rate regulator initiative.

The end result of very many veterinary interventions is improved health and welfare. Equally, the first-rate regulator initiative aims to deliver a Royal College that is in robust health and able …

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