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Using animals in science
  1. Peter D. Thornton

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The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments Andrew Knight 272 pages, hardback, £55. Palgrave Macmillan. 2011. ISBN 978 0 23024 392 7

AN essential element of how we ethically and legally justify the use of animals in science is the balancing of costs (to animals) and benefits (to humans or animals). This book successfully tackles the challenge in bringing together the various elements that contribute to the identification and quantification of costs and benefits.

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This title is one of several in the publisher's ‘Animal Ethics Series’ that aims to ascertain ethical positions on animals via a multidisciplinary approach using a range of authors with appropriate expertise in each area. The author sets out his approach in five parts: animal costs; human benefits; alternative strategies; educational animal use and student impacts; and conclusion and policy recommendations. Each part is further subdivided into chapters that focus on key elements of the broader topic.

It was surprising that …

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