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Use of low-field MRA to presurgically screen for medial meniscus lesions in 30 dogs with cranial cruciate deficient stifles
  1. W. T. McCartney and
  2. F. McGovern
  1. North Dublin Orthopaedic Animal Hospital, 38 Warrenhouse Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland
  1. E-mail for correspondence info{at}

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IN human beings, MRI is used extensively for imaging of the knee menisci (Rubin and Paletta 2000) and magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) is used as a supplemental study to detect meniscal lesions (Stenbach and others 2002). High-field MRI was successful in detecting meniscus lesions in dogs with cranial cruciate deficient stifles (Blond and others 2008). In an experimental study, low-field MRI detected medial meniscal lesions which were confirmed by arthroscopy (Martig and others 2006), and low-field MRI detected 90 per cent of medial meniscus lesions in naturally occurring cranial cruciate ligament rupture (Harper and others 2011).

A prospective study was undertaken to establish the efficiency of low-field MRA in detecting lesions of the medial meniscus in 30 dogs with naturally occurring cranial cruciate deficient stifles (CCDS), with a focus on the need for surgery of the meniscus. This is the first study as far as the authors are aware of using low-field MRA to detect medial meniscus lesions in naturally occurring CCDS in dogs. The study design was that any dog weighing over 25 kg that presented with a CCDS was first scanned using a low-field MRI scanner (0.2T Esaote) to check for any surgical lesions of the medial meniscus, and the results of the scan were then compared with the intraoperative examination of the medial meniscus during surgery to establish how accurate the MRA images were. The protocol used in the MRA was based on a previous study which focused on finding the …

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