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Animal Welfare
Much Still To Be Done To Tackle Irresponsible Dog Breeding

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‘THERE is a commitment to preventing further poor welfare caused by irresponsible breeding and there remains a large amount of work to be done in achieving this. However, it is clear that there is tremendous dedication to resolving the existing problems and that progress has been made.’

So says Neil Parish, chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), in a recently published report that reviews the actions that have been taken since the broadcast of the documentary ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ in 2008. The report updates an earlier report produced by the APGAW in 2009 (VR, November 7, 2009, vol 165, pp 546-547), and also sets out what the group believes needs to happen now in order for significant improvements to be made and to prevent potential suffering.

The APGAW says that, in producing the update, it did not want to ‘revisit the debate about the extent of the problem, the specifics of it or to focus on individual organisations’. As a result, it limited the collection of evidence to members of the APGAW via the use of a questionnaire. The responses were then considered by a small group of stakeholders, including the BVA, the RSPCA, the Dogs' Trust and the Kennel Club.

The report reviews the actions taken by the Kennel Club and welfare bodies, as …

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