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Diploma and certificate holders

THE following candidates were successful in the diploma and certificate examinations held by the RCVS in 2012.


Diploma in cattle health and production

Alastair Ian Macrae, James Alex Willshire.

Diploma in sheep health and production

Fiona Margaret Lovatt.

Diploma in small animal surgery (orthopaedics)

Mark Alexander Bush.

Diploma in small animal surgery (soft tissue)

Timothy Michael Charlesworth, Alistair Ian Freeman.

Diploma in veterinary cardiology

Stephen Alexander Collins.


Certificate in cattle health and production

David Arthur Tisdall.

Certificate in equine practice

Jonathan David Garratt, Paul Thomas Staveley Smith.

Certificate in equine medicine (internal medicine)

Joanne Elizabeth Dyson.

Certificate in equine medicine (stud medicine)

Graham Stewart Fowke.

Certificate in equine surgery (orthopaedics)

Olli Tapio Makela, Maria Jesus Rodriguez Vizcaino, Alice Elizabeth Sheldon.

Certificate in equine surgery (soft tissue)

Christopher John Pearce.

Certificate in poultry health and production

Richard James Jennison.

Certificate in sheep health and production

David Richard Armstrong, Kirsty Marie Syer.

Certificate in small animal medicine

Rachel Elisabeth-Joy Allen, Michelle Dawn Bacon, Gisela de Carvalho Fonseca Tyndall, Mary-Anne Frank, Ceri Nea Gruffudd Jones, Caroline Kisielewicz, Dalya Livy, Kevin Francis Murtagh, Katja Schirren, Pablo Vila Gonzalez.

Certificate in small animal surgery

Michael Canty, Francesca Connolly, Joseph Oliver Sean Fox, Timothy Richard Garran, Stephen Anthony Kirby, Gareth Glynne Jones, Ian Andrew McClive, Rafael Pardo Ibanez, John Ryan, Nigel Reginald Smith, Paulus Agust Maria Verschueren, Helena Mary White.

Certificate in veterinary dermatology

Lesley Alice Buchan, Helena Karoline Mary Langley, Welsey Philip Power, Neil MacRae Smith.

Certificate in veterinary diagnostic imaging

Mark Andrew Ames, Natalie Samantha Scott.

Certificate in veterinary ophthalmology

Ramanujuan Reuben Coore, Melanie Fleming, Sarah Hane Harrison, Gillian Chien-Li Hung, Kasun Vimukthi Kumaratunga, Helen Manson, Rui Pedro Camanho Rodrigues Oliveira.

Certificate in zoological medicine

Mikel Sabater Gonzalez.

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