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Total hip replacement as a treatment for slipped femoral capital epiphysis in dogs

T. J. Gemmill, J. Pink, S. P. Clarke, W. M. McKee

SLIPPED femoral capital epiphysis (SFCE) is a condition in which separation of the femoral capital epiphysis appears to occur in the absence of any obvious trauma. Femoral head and neck ostectomy is used to treat SFCE in dogs; however, results following the operation have varying degrees of success, especially in larger dogs. Total hip replacement (THR) has become well established as an effective technique for the treatment of debilitating conditions of the coxofemoral joint in dogs and has been used to successfully treat traumatic hip luxation, capital physeal fractures and avascular necrosis of the femoral head. The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate THR in the treatment of SFCE.

Fifteen consecutive cases (involving 16 THRs) were identified. Hybrid THR, using a cementless acetabular cup and cemented femoral stem, was possible for 13 hips; the remaining three THR procedures employed entirely cemented fixation. Dogs were examined preoperatively and, where possible, at four and 12 weeks postoperatively then followed up by telephone questionnaire a minumum of six months later. Radiographs were obtained immediately after the procedure and …

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