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VN learning package
  1. Bonny Millar

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Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology, 3rd edn, and Workbook for Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology Margi Sirois 864 and 336 pages, paperback, £53.99 and £16.99, respectively. Elsevier Mosby. 2011. ISBN 978 0 323 07386 8 and 978 0 323 07790 3

THIS textbook happens to be an updated version of one I purchased many years ago when I first arrived in Britain. Its declaration, ‘Prepare to succeed in your role as a veterinary technologist’, reveals its North American roots, but even so, high-quality books specifically for veterinary nurses (VNs) (or our North American colleagues, veterinary technicians [VTs]) are to be welcomed.

This is the third edition, and, together with its accompanying workbook, is described as a learning package. These books, over 1100 pages combined, are probably best kept in the study or classroom, rather than in a clinical setting. The four sections represent the four major areas of responsibility relevant to the VT. Each …

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