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Cattle Lameness
Non-healing hoof lesions in dairy cows in Chile
  1. Roger Blowey1 and
  2. Neil Chesterton2
  1. Wood Veterinary Group, 125 Bristol Road, Gloucester GL2 4NB
  2. Inglewood Veterinary Services, PO Box 19, Inglewood, Taranaki 4347, New Zealand
  1. e-mail: rogerblowey{at}

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WE wish to report a severe outbreak of non-healing hoof lesions in grazing herds in the Osorno region of southern Chile. During a five-week consultancy visit to investigate the cause of an increase in lameness in dairy cows in Chile, one of us (NC) noted that many cows had developed a lesion that he had not previously seen in his extensive experience of lame cows in New Zealand. The lesions were described as non-healing toe and white line lesions, which ‘smelled like nothing I have previously smelled in New Zealand’. Many had previously been repeatedly treated by local farmers and hoof trimmers, using paring and topical application of chlortetracycline, with little or no response. A typical example is shown in Fig 1. In one of the first herds to be investigated there were 200 lame …

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