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Intranasal immunisation with Stx2B-Tir-Stx1B-Zot protein leads to decreased shedding in goats after challenge with Escherichia coli O157:H7
  1. X-H. Zhang, PhD,
  2. K-W. He, PhD,
  3. P-D. Zhao,
  4. Q. Ye,
  5. X-T. Luan,
  6. Z-Y. Yu,
  7. L-B. Wen, PhD,
  8. Y-X. Ni, PhD,
  9. B. Li, PhD,
  10. X-M. Wang, MS,
  11. R-L. Guo, MS,
  12. J-M. Zhou, MS and
  13. A-H. Mao
  1. Key Laboratory of Engineering Research of Veterinary Bio-products of Agricultural Ministry, Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, National Center for Engineering Research of Veterinary Bio-products, Zhongling St 50#, Nanjing 210014, China
  1. Correspondence to Professor He, e-mail: kwh2003{at}

Ruminants are an important reservoir of Escherichia coli O157:H7. To reduce E coli O157:H7 excretion by these animals could play a key role in prevention and control of human infections. In the present study, the authors used 12 three-month-old goats to evaluate the efficacy of intranasal administration of the Stx2B-Tir-Stx1B-Zot protein. These goats were inoculated on days 0 and 21 and infected with 1010 colony-forming units (cfu) of E coli O157:H7 by oral inoculation on day 36. Faecal shedding was monitored daily for two weeks. All of six goats immunised with recombinant protein elicited significant Stx2b-Tir-Stx1b-Zot-specific serum IgG antibodies, and three of them also showed production of antigen-specific IgA in faeces. The immunised goats showed much less shedding of E coli O157:H7 after challenge. These results demonstrate the potential for the use of Stx2B-Tir-Stx1B-Zot protein in mucosal vaccine formulations to prevent colonisation and shedding of E coli O157:H7 in goats.

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