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  1. William J. Reilly

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Oxford Textbook of Zoonoses: Biology, Clinical Practice, and Public Health Control, 2nd edn Edited by S. R. Palmer. Lord Soulsby. P. R. Torgerson. D. W. G. Brown 904 pages, hardback, £195. Oxford University Press. 2011. ISBN 978 0 19857 002 8

‘ONE world, one health’ is not a new concept, but is one that has been gathering pace in recent years. Control of zoonoses is integral to this. If, as veterinarians, we are serious about embracing the multidisciplinary approach to understanding zoonoses to help protect animal and human health, this very substantial text is essential reference material.

The editors set out their stall right from the start of the preface by clearly stating the World Health Organization's definition of zoonoses – ‘Diseases and infections, which are naturally transmitted between vertebrate animals and man’. This emphasises the dual responsibility and multiprofessional partnership involved in managing zoonoses. It also explains the principle of the …

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